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Are you finding yourself battling the winter blahs?

We can all agree that there’s that time of the year right after the holidays, where we just feel BLAH! Maybe its the temperature change or our skin lost its beautiful summer glow. Besides that sometimes its our hair that makes us feel dull and washed out. Changing up your color is one of the many ways to brighten or enrich your hair to help get rid of those blues.

Sombres are perfect for those who don’t want to go fully dark for winter, but don’t want to jump into spring quite yet. They are softer and more subtle than an ombre, and also very seamless and natural. Sombres work best for that client who wants to embrace some of their natural color, while adding some brightness, texture and creating great dimension . If you want a low maintenance but beautiful color, sombres are the way to go!

To enrich your natural hair color with a simple glaze is another great way to get rid of the blahs. Its a fun way to add some different tones to your hair, such as reds, purples or warm browns and blondes. This gives you the opportunity to play with new shades, without the commitment of having to keep it long term. Lowlights is also a way to add some beautiful dimension to your hair. They help to break up blondes who are feeling too light, and add pops of brightness too brunettes or red heads who are feeling bored with their color, but don’t want too change there look drastically.

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